What is Your Proclivity?

14 Jan

I first heard about the idea of having a proclivity toward something from a sermon I’d heard by Brother Swaggart.  He was talking about the idea of someone being “born gay” as many like to say these days. What he said, however, changed my outlook on many things – not just someone being gay – and why we need to pray for people who are suffering under temptation and sin like this more than ever before.

We all have a proclivity toward something. Some of us have a proclivity toward lying, others have a proclivity toward stealing… some have a proclivity toward adultery and still others have a proclivity toward violence. You may even have a proclivity toward one, two, three or more different things – but whatever it is and however many there are, you cannot allow those fleshly things to hold you back from the Salvation of the Lord. Whatever it is that you have a proclivity toward, the sooner you can find out what it is, the sooner you can turn that proclivity over to the Lord, ask for forgiveness, repent from your actions (or thoughts) and ask Him to help heal you from it.

Can you be healed from your tendency or proclivity toward something overnight?  Well, yes in some cases the Lord takes that burden from us instantly and we are healed. For others it can take much longer – perhaps it is part of the healing process that God wants us to go through in order to truly rid it from our lives, who knows?  Some have a proclivity to alcohol or drugs and while they might be able to give it up “cold turkey”, they will usually spend a lifetime dealing with the proclivity toward addiction (which can include alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, pornography, etc) before they are healed.

While we might not be born gay, adulterous, addicted or a thief, we are born sinners – each and every one of us. Only One was perfect in God’s sight, only One was without sin – and that man was Jesus Christ. So get off your high horse, find your sin – your proclivity, confess it to the Lord (He already knows, but you must confess it out-loud!), ask for forgiveness, repent from that sin (promise not to do it anymore – even if it takes many tries, you must repent!) and invite Jesus into your life and your heart, giving your life, your addiction, your sin, your proclivity or whatever else is holding you back from Salvation – give it all over to Him for Redemption and Salvation.


Sometimes I have to repeat this verse over and over to myself – when I feel my sin is too great, when I feel that the draw of this world on my flesh is too strong, when I feel afraid, when I feel overcome… I remind myself that Jesus overcame it ALL on the Cross at Calvary… He died for our sins… He was the spotless Lamb – free from sin – who Saved us all from death… All we need to do is humble ourselves and come to Him in prayer like a child would come to a father, ask for forgiveness, repent and do everything we can to become righteous and holy in His sight. We are still flesh and we are still in the world… but it is our job to try our best, turn our weaknesses over to the Lord, and become a shining example of the Power of God on earth.  HE WHO IS IN ME IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD.  Jesus overcame… God will overcome – anything that we lay before Him in prayer!

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